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VOCAL is dedicated to creating a community in the modern world.

VOCAL understands that living in a big city can be challenging. There are many people around us but do we BELONG with any of them?

Based in Brooklyn, serving the greater NYC region, we aim to give a voice of community and love to those who want to be a part of an organization of like-minded individuals. We don't have to live in the same geographic neighborhood to share our similarities.

"Community" - definition:
"A group of people living in the same area OR having a particular characteristic in common"

Are you single and feel a need to belong?

Are you divorced or widowed and no longer live in the community you once did?

Are you striving to expand your network of friends and perhaps expand your horizons by meeting new people from different walks of life?

VOCAL is the place for you!
Be heard!
Be seen!
Be a part of something greater than you!

VOCAL is a Jewish organization and as such promotes Jewish values. HOWEVER, we welcome all humans in all shapes, colors,sizes,religions and sexual preferences. We believe in Judea-Christian values and strive for tolerance and acceptance.