Joshua Reichman

Born overseas and moved to Brooklyn at a young age. Once again my parents moved overseas where I spent my formative years. I returned to NY at the age of 23 while I was married and had one amazing son. Fast forward 14 years... Divorced and have 3 beautiful children. Business owner  and cantor / educator at a conservative temple.

I found myself living in a new area and the community I used to call "my home" is no longer in the cards for me. Through my many hobbies and interests as well as my travels over the past few years, I have met many amazing people. Each one of them has a story and many of them feel disconnected.

One of my good friends is also divorced and her family is from Wisconsin. She must legally live in NY and though she belongs to a local religious institution many of the congregants don't share her story or relate to it. 

Another friend lives in Manhattan and while she is single, her family members are all in Florida.

We aren't "charity cases", we aren't seeking compassion from the outside world.

We ARE however seeking to expand our circle of like-minded individuals and families and create a community.

VOCAL has been in the works for many months. We strive to create a platform to meet and engage with other people who are in similar situations.

We are NOT a religious institution

We are NOT a charity

We are NOT lonely or alone

We ARE however seeking to share our interests, talents and stories.


Joshua Reichman

Founder of VOCAL

Bryna Pearlman

I'm really psyched to be a part of this unbelievable movement!

A little about me...

35 years young, single mom of three kids. I'm a makeup artist, Ariel fitness instructor, controller at a dental office as well as owning my own health and wellness business (single mom with four jobs)... pretty much the norm :)

Having been divorced for 8 years , I've experienced some rough but also some amazing times in my life and have been fortunate enough to meet wonderful people who I can truly call my friends.

I am blessed to have always had a tremendous family who supported me throughout raising my children. However, having people in your life who have experienced similar circumstances as yourself is a completely different thing. Knowing this, and the importance of community in ones life, makes me extremely excited and proud to be working with this organization along with Josh and many other good people who are part of MY community.  Looking forward to connecting with everyone and always bringing POSITIVE energy to the table.

Let's be VOCAL !!!

Bryna Pearlman

Director at VOCAL

(Stories will be anonymously posted unless otherwise requested)

Raquel (Ruchi) Kret


Born and raised in New York!

I currently reside in a very  family oriented neighborhood on Long Island with my 3 fabulous children. I am an Ultrasound Tech, a Fitness Instructor and I also work at online sales. I have a wonderful and supportive family, but when I got divorced several years ago I realized how important it was to have a circle of  friends who "get" me.  It became my mission to connect myself and my children with other families like ours. Through this journey , I have been blessed to have the most amazing people enter my life. These people have become my extended family and my "community".  I am so excited to now be a part of the Vocal community and take this to the next level. I am looking forward to meeting and welcoming you into the Vocal community!

Let's be VOCAL!


Director at VOCAL




Voice Of Community and Love

What's your story?

(Stories will be anonymously posted unless otherwise requested)

What's your


Anonymous Director  


Since moving to NYC more than 15 years ago I have been searching for a community to call my own. I am a single dad with an amazing eight year old son (who doesn’t say that about their child), and we currently call Park Slope home.  Since 9/11 I have worked in disaster preparedness and crisis management, currently employed at a global financial services firm in lower Manhattan. Despite living in a great neighborhood and having a strong family of support, I am thrilled to be part of a movement of people “who get it”.  Over the years I have found that it’s not charity or sympathy, but a simple positive and realistic attitude that motivates and inspires me to keep going even when times are tough. I love meeting people from various backgrounds and I'm excited to join this incredible community. Looking forward to welcoming you and having you join us on this incredible journey!

Let's be VOCAL!


Director at VOCAL